Our Amy

Amy Victory Jackdaw Rock Amy Victory Jackdaw Rock
  • * 13. 11. 2010
  • Breeder: Petr Dusek
  • Breeding (21. 4. 2012 Hradec Kralove)
  • Height: 13 inches
  • All teeth, scissor bite
  • CEA/KAT/PRA: negative (6. 1. 2011) – MVDr. Beranek
  • DNA CEA +/-, MDR1 -/-
  • Pedigree

Amy is very lively and friendly sheltie lady. She loves both human and canine company. Of all she prefers retrieving anything that can be taken into the mouth. She likes to perform various commands and is very docile and obedient. She loves dragging on toys. Amy is friends with everybody else, with dogs of all sizes, different pets, people known and unknown, and of course the children. It's absolutely easygoing and always cheerful creature. When someone attacks her, she avoids to him and continues in her good mood. That’s why we love her :)

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